Looking for a way to:

Help injuries heal faster?

Sooth aching muscles?

Get rid of knots in muscles?

Reduce Pain?

All by yourself and from the comfort of you own home?

Then you should be looking into a home ultrasound massager!

The Beneficial Effects of Ultrasound Massagers

ultrasound massage

Muscle and tendon traumas are very painful and frustrating. The features of ultrasound massage is that it alleviates pain and assists in recuperation. Ultrasound massagers use high frequency sound waves to penetrate deep within your body to ease pain and soreness. The ultrasonic sound waves energize the muscle’s molecules delivering a warm comforting effect.

Improved Range of Motion

Ultrasonic sound waves move at different rates, presenting varied effects depending on the kind of tissue being attended to. Healing results are because of heat propagation in damaged tissue and its acoustic qualities. During ultrasound massage, a gel is smeared on the skin around the area of the treatment, which performs two objectives; lubrication to avoid discomfort, and preventing air between the ultrasound massager head and the skin. An airtight bond greatly improves the transmission of the ultrasonic sound waves. Heat encourages healing, and ultrasound creates heat. Likewise, acoustic streaming boosts activity in your cell membranes that influences your body's inflammatory reaction. Ultrasonic massage, by raising the temperature in a recently injured area, improves flexibility in scar tissue. An increase in flexibility results and an increased range of motion. As explaining in research published in "The Journal of Athletic Training" and published by the National Institute of Biotechnology website, research reveals ultrasound therapy is successful when scar tissue has induced limited range of motion.

The overall flexibility of tissue increases when the tissue temperature is elevated. The more elevated the temperature during the course of ultrasound treatments the greater the resultant tissue flexibility is improved.

Improved Circulation

Tissue damage needs blood to transport the healing elements to the injury. Ultrasound massagers improve circulation, which hastens recuperation time. In addition, the warming character of ultrasound enhances blood flow and decreases pain. As reported by SpineUniverse.com, improving circulation using ultrasonic therapy lessens painful symptoms caused by injury. Ultrasonic sound waves transmitted into tissues produce warmth, increasing circulation and helping in the healing activity.ultrasound therapy

Trigger Points

Trigger point is a term used to define an unpleasant focal point in a muscle or fascia. The painful point appears as a lump or soft knot in the muscle. When compressed, pain radiates to various other parts of the body along the nerves. Trigger points, caused by overuse or muscle spasms, may appear on any muscle in the body. As reported by Human Kinetics.com, ultrasound massagers utilized as an adjunct treatment increases the efficiency of other more vigorous treatment approaches for trigger points. For example, muscle stripping massage and ischemic compression. Heat produced from ultrasound massagers serves to help unwind the knotted muscle.

ultrasonice massagerMinimize Muscle Tension

Therapeutic ultrasound massage works to cut down on muscle tension, even more so for individuals who struggle with on going back pain, migraine headaches, or tension headaches. Both chiropractors and massage therapists utilize ultrasonic massagers on localized areas to release trigger points and knots in muscles that have the ability to cause tightness, pain and muscle tension. When ultrasonic waves travel through tissue, a certain amount of it is assimilated and warmth is then produced inside the tissue. Ultrasonic massage treatments to relieve muscle tension frequently concentrate on the muscle groups of the neck and shoulders.

Help Mend Bone Fractures

Animal studies show that new bone formation at a fracture site develops quicker with ultrasound therapy than with common fracture procedures. Studies performed at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Chung-Yuan Christian University in Taiwan found that heat generated by ultrasonic treatments can promote the repair of bone fractures. Results of the research were released in the August 2006 issue of The American Journal of Sports Medicine. The investigation team judged that low-intensity pulsed ultrasound boosts bone-tendon junction restoration.